We are a seller specializing in sugar, rice and pulses which
we import for you from exotic destinations around the world.


We have many years of experience in importing and distributing these commodities,
so each of our products comes from a carefully chosen place of origin and has the best quality.


In the interest of protecting the environment, reducing the production of plastic packaging and reducing food prices for you, we opened our first packaging-free shop,
which adds to the concept of retailers selling goods on a reusable packaging, called Zero Waste. The reasons for this move are both ecological and economic. You save for the packaging, which constitutes a substantial part of the retail price of the product.


You can buy the packaging or bring your own.
Recommended packaging: cup or jar, bag or paper bag.



Our target customers are both end-users who can shop in small and large quantities, as well as restaurants and canteens demanding large volumes of sugar, rice and pulses to  whom we offer individual solutions.


Quality of food and raw materials for food production are guaranteed as well as hygienic standards and standards for the content of food contaminants (heavy metals, toxins, pesticides, etc.), additives, vitamins and allergens.


We sell exclusively non-GMO products.


We support Biotic farming, which is one of the best way to end up chemical dependencies in agricultural production.
Rather than using chemical or manufactured products for food growing you can have
inputs like companion crops, animals, cover crops and flowers to replace synthetic
fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides and insecticides.


We are direct fair traders; we trade food commodities from the 5 continents. But in comparison to lots of other traders, our particularity is that we know the botany of what we supply, we know the soul of its land, its growers and manufacturers. We participate, actively and passively in its development, protection, availability and transmission of what it is and its values. 

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